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Southern Hudson Valley - May 6; Delaware County - August 19; Northern Hudson Valley - August 26
Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn - August 25

Southern Hudson Valley - September 2; Delaware County - September 23; Northern Hudson Valley - September 30
Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn - TBD

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If you are in the business and interested in possibly carrying Eminence Road wine in your shop, restaurant, monastery or theme park please read on for some basic information.

DISTRIBUTION: We are self-distributed. Our range stretches from almost Coney Island to just past Ithaca. Due to the complexities of interstate commerce as it relates to alcohol, we are limited--by our own unfounded fears--to selling wholesale only within New York State. Special Disclaimer: we do not deliver to mid-town Manhattan. I'm sorry. But we do offer a wholesale, flat-rate shipping price of $20 per case for mid-town or uptown businesses that would like to carry the wine.

DELIVERY: We usually deliver to Manhattan and Brooklyn every two weeks and the Hudson Valley and Catskills every four weeks or as demand dictates. See above for the next upcoming delivery dates. Please try to have orders in at least one day prior.

ORDERING: If you would like to order some wine or arrange to taste please e-mail: wine(at)eminenceroad.com. Or if you prefer call: 845-887-6280 and leave a message.

PRICING: Contact us for wholesale pricing. It's very reasonable.

MINIMUMS: We ask that orders falling into our regular delivery schedule be at least 2 cases (24 bottles) and mixed cases are totally fine. Special delivery orders must be at least 5 cases, though sometimes we can work something out--just let us know what you need.

ADDITIONAL INFO: As a tiny mom-and-pop winery producing about 800 to 1000 cases each vintage sometimes we run out of wine and it is frustrating. Please don't take it personally if you call looking for cab franc and the answer comes back negative. Maybe try the chardonnay? Also, as you have probably figured out just by looking at this website--which resembles something a 6th grader might have put together in 15 minutes . . . in 1997--we are not slick, dynamic, or well-funded. But we are good about e-mail and that is the best way to make and maintain contact, especially since there is limited cell phone coverage available in rural New York.

Thank you for your interest in our winery,
Andrew and Jennifer


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